WordCamp 2010 Nagoya




A very exciting open source event is coming to Nagoya on Saturday October 30, 2010. It’s all about WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open source web contents management software. Many famous blogs and news sites use this software, such as TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal Magazine, and Harvard University. Moreover, Microsoft just announced to embrace WordPress for its Windows Live users.

WordPress is one of rapidly growing software in the world.

WordCamp is the conference that focuses anything about WordPress from the blog beginner to advanced users and programmers. It’s being held regularly all over the world.

The first WordCamp in Japan was held in Tokyo in 2008. WordCamp 2010 Nagoya will be 6th WordCamp in Japan and the 1st WordCamp to be held in Central Japan.

WordCamp 2010 Nagoya is organized by WordBench Nagoya, a non-profit volunteer-based WordPress users’ group in Nagoya.

Through WordCamp 2010 Nagoya, we hope that many people can learn and enjoy WordPress.



WordCamp Overview

Name: WordCamp 2010 Nagoya
Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fee: Free
: no registration is required but encouraged [ Register Here ]

Place: Nagoya City University, Yama-no-Hata Campus, Economics Building
1 Yamano Hata, Mizuho Cho, Mizuho Ward, Nagoya, 487-8501 Japan

Organizer: WordBench Nagoya

Direction: Click here


Ustream Program: “What’s going on with WordPress in Nagoya and Japan”

We’ll talk about how WordPress are used in Japan in English on Ustream. For more information, click here.

Date: Saturday, October 30, 2010
Time: 10:00am~12:00pm (Japan Time)
URL: yokosonews.com/live/


Call for Entry: Lightening Talk & Ustream show.

WordCamp Nagoya is looking for anyone who would like to give audience 5-min lightening talk and Ustream program.

Please contact @katz515 (Twitter), katz515 (Facebook), or contact form.



WordBench Nagoya Party

There will be After Party (Konshin-kai) organized by WordBench Nagoya.

Date: October 30, 2010
IMY Hall
Direction: 100m from Kurumamichi Station Exit #3 [ Google Interactive Map | for iPhone ]
Fee: 3,000 yen (will be collected on-site)

Registration is required.

We are also looking for the sponsor of this after party (NOT WordCamp)



WordCamp 2010 Nagoya Programs

WordCamp has two trucks of sessions: the beginners and the advanced.

The beginners’ truck starts from the introduction of WordPress, installation and the use of some signature plug-ins.

The advanced sessions focus on the topics for the advanced uses, such as professional web designers, developers and programmers.


Program Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Most of the programs will be in Japanese. If you request us, we will consider adding English session.

Time Beginners Advanced
9:00 - Google Analytics and WordPress
10:00 What is WordPress What’s new in 3.0
10:30 How to install Multisites and its uses
11:30 Mobile site optimization Twenty-Ten (Theme)
1:00 How to select the right hosting Session from Nagoya City Univ. (TBA)
2:00 E-commerce and WordPress (Welcart) BuddyPress and its uses
3:00 Lightening Talks (Beginners) Lightening Talks (Advanced)



Word REAL Camp

WordBench Nagoya will hold “Word REAL Camp”

Since our WordPress pioneer named the conferences as “camp”. We should do a real camp. And we should make something for WordPress.

All the information is currently TBD. However, this is what we have decided

Date: October 29-30
Time: 7pm-7am
Location: we are still looking (HELP!)

Programs: a few WordPress developers and designer must come up with something over night. And we will broadcast live on Ustream of its progress.


Call for Entry and Help

WordBench Nagoya is currently looking for anyone who can help WordREALCamp 2010 Nagoya.

  • We are looking for the location with the Internet and power
  • Challenger
  • Ustream marathon hosts
  • Food Sponsor
  • Drink Sponsor
  • Mental Sponsor

Please contact @katz515 (Twitter) or katz515 (Facebook) if you are interested.


Directions to Nagoya City University

WordCamp is all-day-long conference event to learn about WordPress, you’re welcome to join us at Nagoya City University. Registration is recommended, but not required.

The University has NO PUBLIC PARKING. There are a few coin parking around the university, but the use of public transportation is strongly recommended.



1 Yamanohata, Mizuho, Mizuho
Nagoya, Aichi 467-8501

〒467-8501 名古屋市瑞穂区瑞穂町山の畑1


Direction: Subway

The nearest station is Sakurayama on Sakura-dori subway.

[ Google Interactive Map | for iPhone ]

  • Get off Sakurayama (桜山 – さくらやま) Station on Sakura-dori line (桜通線 – さくらどうりせん)
  • Go to Exit #7, go up to the ground level, and keep walking straight (away from shopping area)
  • Walk about 10 min
  • Pass FamilyMart (ファミリーマート) convenience store
  • You see a large road merging onto your road, cross the merging road
  • Right after crossing the merging road, turn LEFT onto a small street, walk about 2-3 min.
  • Go into the Nagoya City University though West Gate (西門 – Nishi-mon – にし もん) Entrance
  • Turn RIGHT, and pass one building
  • You’ll see Economics Building (経済学部棟 – けいざいがくぶとう), enter the entrance

[ Access Map in Japanese ]

[ Google Interactive Map | for iPhone ]


Direction: Buses from Kanayama Station

There are 4 bus lines running from Kanayama Stations.

[ Google Interactive Map | for iPhone ]

  • Bus lines to take
    • Kanayama #11 [Ikeshita] – 金山 11 [ 池下 ]
    • Kanayama #12 [Myokencho] – 金山 12 [ 妙見町]
    • Kanayama #14 [Mizuho Undo Kyogi-jo Higashi] – 金山 14 [ 瑞穂運動場東 ]
    • Kanayama #16 [Mizuho Ungo Kyogi-jo HIgashi] – 金山 16 [ 瑞穂運動場東]
  • Get off Takiko (滝子 – たきこ) Stops
  • Walk back to the traffic light
  • Cross the street, and enter the small street, and walk about 2-3 minues
  • Go into the Nagoya City University though West Gate (西門 – Nishi-mon – にし もん) Entrance
  • Turn RIGHT, and pass one building
  • You’ll see Economics Building (経済学部棟 – けいざいがくぶとう), enter the entrance

[ Google Interactive Map | for iPhone ]


Happy blogging!